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How to Determine Your Bimini Top Height

A Bimini boat top is an open front boat top for the cock of a boat, generally supported by a sturdy metal framework. These tops are very popular on many small boats, speed boats and bass boats. Since open top boat tops can be propped up when not in use if desired, there is no concern about wind blowing the boat top away from your face. Most Bimini tops can also be collapsed and raised when not in use, and collapsed and re-raised when needed.

To prepare your Bimini top at for use, you will need the following items: Bimini boat top, a soft brush, an inner tube or hose, high quality cloth, a high quality polyester/cotton blend cover, an instruction manual and a pair of scissors. The soft brush is used to remove any dirt or other debris that may get on the fabric during use. This should be done before each use of the boat top. The fabric is then ready for its first use. If using a fabric cover, the top is ready for that first use too. If using a fabric tube or hose, the fabric must be completely wrung out before putting it on the boat.

Care of your Bimini Top Once the fabric has been washed and the frame dry cleaned, it's time to give the top a good scrubbing with a quality soft brush. Using a hard bristle brush will damage the fabric over time. After the scrubbing is complete it's time to allow the Bimini Top to breath. In order to do this, it's important to have the fabric totally dry before placing it inside your boat. Look for more facts about boats at

Installation of Bimini Tops How tall you want your boat can also affect the installation of your new Bimini top. The taller the model, the longer the bows must be. Typically, the bows are at the widest part of the bow, which is typically located near the stern. For boats that are very tall it's recommended you leave some space between the Bimini top and the bow.

Bimini Bow Links You have several options when it comes to purchasing bows. There are single piece bows, which allow you to only attach one bow to the frame. There are double piece bows, and they are attached by two brackets. The most common style of bow is the 2, 3, and 4 that allow you to mount bows that are of the same size or taller than your boat frame width.

Measuring Your Boat's Height When it comes to measuring your boat's height, you'll need to measure from the keel (the topmost portion of the hull) to the mounting point. For boats less than 12 feet, the mounting point is located three feet below the keel on the bottom of the boat. The best way to determine the correct height is to get on the boat and stand in the middle of the vessel with both feet on the ground. Stand directly above the centerline of the boat and determine the vertical distance between the mounting point and the keel from this mark. This number will help you determine the proper Bimini top height. Be sure to read more here!

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